Cancelled my knee surgery!

I have been seeing Dr. Viland for several years to take care of and maintain some minor issues, as well as improve athletic performance.  Then one day while doing CrossFit, I injured my knee.The pain was intermittent, but severe at times and upon certain movements, such as swinging a golf club.  An MRI confirmed a torn meniscus.

I was scheduled for surgery when Dr. Viland examined my knee and suggested we try an ARP Wave treatment.  After the first treatment my pain was much reduced and my range of motion was significantly increased.  After my third treatment I cancelled my knee surgery, which was scheduled for just a few days away.  My pain was totally gone and range of motion was back to 100%!  That was two years ago and the pain has not returned.  I work out daily, play golf, and I see Dr. Viland regularly to maintain optimum health and avoid injury.

Dr. Tom is the best!

Paul Luciano

San Francisco, CA



Dr. Viland is AWESOME!  He is by far the best chiropractor I've ever been to.  I've had back issues off and on for about 20 years and have seen several chiropractors.  None of them even come close to Dr. Viland.  He's like a 'Black Belt' in chiropractic. He healed a neck injury after a car accident and made miraculous improvements to my lower back.  I recommend him to all my friends...

Scott Fedorchak

SoMa, San Francisco, CA


Herniated disc in my neck...

I have been a patient of Dr. Viland's for over three years.  I have a herniated disc in my neck and my orthopedic doctor recommended that I have surgery to cure the weakness, muscle fatigue and pain I had.

With the help of chiropractic care and particularly Dr. Viland, that has not been the case.Dr. Viland's treatment plan has proven to work great!  I am now relatively pain free and am able to work out, snowboard, bike, run and do anything i want to from a physical fitness perspective. 

Just recently I have had ARP Wave treatments at Dr. Viland's office.  This treatment has taken my physical fitness and strength to another level.  ARP Wave has proven to be another highly effective way of increasing strength and muscle mass and improving my overall physical health.

Jeffery Shouger

San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Viland has changed my life...”

Dr. Viland has changed my life and I have only known him for three months.  I started seeing him and his wonderful wife, Jana, with horrible low back and left hip pain.  I am only 29 years old and have been dealing with lower back pain and sciatica for over four years.  This past year the pain got tremendously worse due to falling on my hip in March.  I was in constant pain.  I was getting stuck in bed and couldn't roll over without my husband's help.  I couldn't even sit or lay down without being in excruciating pain.  I felt like my entire body was out of line and I was completely miserable.  I was seeing another chiropractor and going to acupuncture once a week.  Both of those would give me relief from pain for a bit, but it would always come back after a short amount of time.  I never felt like I was healing, just getting rid of the pain for a bit.  I also did some cortisone shots which were extremely painful, did not help, and actually made me worse.

I was referred to Dr. Viland for ARP Wave therapy which is supposed to help people in horrible pain.  I didn't hesitate.  I was willing to try anything to get out of this terrible constant pain.  

After my first ARP treatment with Dr. Viland I felt immediate relief.  My excruciating pain was gone before I left the office!  I was astonished and so happy to not be in pain, for the first time in a very long time!  He also gave me a small brace to help the ligaments in my hips to stabilize.  It helped a ton and I instantly felt stronger.  Now I am not only pain free, but so much stronger than I have ever been.  EVER!  I can get out of bed without pain and without limping around for hours.  There is no more stiffness and the inflammation has decreased dramatically.

Dr Viland has also helped my upper back by getting it back into alignment and by adjusting my shoulders.  Best adjustments ever and I feel wonderful!  My life has changed and it is now hard to imagine how I got through the last four years in such pain.

 I am now back in the gym working out and cannot wait to go skiing this winter.  I have a whole new lease on life!  Dr. Viland is such an amazing doctor and I now consider him and Jana my friends.  They are wonderful people who care about their patients and would do anything to help them.  I don't know where I would be without Dr. Tom, and I recommend him to anyone who is in pain and doesn't want to be anymore.  

Dr. Viland can help you even if you think all hope is lost.

Molly Ortiz

Reno, NV

"My pain was totally gone and range of motion back to 100%. I work out daily, play golf and see Dr. Viland regularly to maintain optimum health and avoid injury."

Paul Luciano

Clearly, the pain had to go!

While visiting the area, I woke up with significant back pain. Clearly, the pain had to go!

Dr. Thomas Viland was wonderful. He made me feel like family. He did a thorough history and examination. Dr. Viland explained what my issues were, and his assessments and treatments made me feel so much better! I’m not a fan of manipulation, but his manipulation was very gentle. Dr. Viland and his office manager were so warm and welcoming, I wish they were in my area.

After I returned home I called him about an issue my younger daughter was having with her shoulder. He helped with her issue as well. Dr. Viland is such a nice man and a great chiropractor!

Patricia G.

Cornwallis Heights, Pensylvania

“…I left his office a brand new person!”

…The adjustment was thorough and addressed all of my concerns. I left his office a brand new person!

Cassie P.

Tampa Florida